"Adam is a true one-in-a-million man. He took his time deliberately with my wife and I, had and made sure we were comfortable through the process. Home buying can definitely be terrifying, but Adam is just the person to have in your corner. I don’t think I’d be able to recommend him more if I tried.  He shows all his clients the dedication he has to the industry and their best interests. On behalf of my wife and I, thank you again Adam for all you’ve done and continue to do!"

- DJ W.

"We were lucky to get connected with Adam when our family began looking for a home. He was very transparent, and made sure we understood everything, and had all our questions answered. He was also very patient, and really took the time to understand what we were looking for in a home. Once we  found our home, Adam did a wonderful job walking us through all the processes from the offer, all the way to closing. Thanks Adam!"

-John Y.

"My hat is off to Adam!! He made selling my house seem like a stroll in the park. He did extensive research on the market, and had an thorough plan for how and when to take the house to market. Because he timed the market right and had great photos and marketing prepared, we were able to ask for an amazing price. And low and behold, we got a full price offer! Adam did an amazing job at communicating with me whenever we had to get something done, and always knew what the next steps were. I have only the best things to say about my home selling experience, and I'm so thankful I had the right Realtor helping me along the way! Thanks Adam"

-Bob H.

"I contacted Adam looking to buy my first home. I don't have many family or friends that have bought homes, so I went in with only as much guidance as I could find on Google. Adam did a fantastic job of showing me exactly what to expect, being up front and transparent with the process. I was most appreciative of his knowledge not just of the real estate industry, but of homes in general. He was able to point out things that I may not have noticed myself because of his construction knowledge (what to look out for with possible leaks, age and life expectancy of various appliances, roofs, foundation, etc). When we did finally get an offer accepted (took a few tries, being a seller's market), he made sure nothing caught me off-guard. I knew up front what to expect with each step of the process. I would gladly recommend Adam to anyone."